Please Help, site with PHP and swiftSWF

Hi guys,

I have a site that I’ve built using external swfs, one of them contains a spectrum analyser which loads an external audio swf created by swift swf.

The analyser uses loadmovie(“filename.swf”) to load the audio as the swf is in the same directory.

[CENTER]_rootMC < playerMC < audio file.swf
All three are in the base directory.[/CENTER]

For some reason this all works locally but as soon as I upload it the analyser does nothing and the music doesn’t play?!?

The other problem I have is with a php email form based off the tutorial by senocular, when it runs locally it works, remotely nothing.

[CENTER]_rootMC < email formMC < email.php
All three are in the base directory.[/CENTER]

I’m guessing it is some form of location/referencing problem but if it works locally I can’t see why it wouldn’t work remotely.

Can someone please help?