Please Help!

Im having a bit of trouble with a certain tool. The Paint Bucket… Whenever I click for it to fill in a certain spot, nothing happens. Does anybody know whats wrong? I really need this tool for a project Im doing! Please help me! :*(

Now off of that topic, I was wondering what the Standard size of a “Personal Signature” is supposed to be? Like the ones all of you have? Thanks in advnace…

the baintbucket:

Try clicking on the edge of the area you want to fill. Like on the line or something.

the footer:

go to and just below the welcome and last visited stuff (the upper right corner below the user cp and other buttons) click on “[ Learn how to Add a Flash Footer ]”

Hi Oblique,
i tried to use it and it works fine :slight_smile:
i want to ask you a Que. did you convert it to symbol?
if you did you have to go inside the symbol to fill it.
or send me the file to see it… :slight_smile:

try changing the gasp setting