Please Murder Me!

Could someone please gimme an opinion about this site?
I would appreciate it a heck lot!

This is it:


not bad, i dont like the font though

first thing
u have a side scroll on the main page, not professional…

your swf file loads more to the top and leave a lot of space on bottom, it should load in center of the screen.

other then it’s beautiful, how about a sleek music player on top right?

Cool website…i loce it…and i like the font…it’s pretty cool!!

thanks to all for the comments!!


Yes, the splash page has scrollbars; but the main page has an horizontal scrollbar that appears only when the window’s width is less than 1024 px.
The purpose of that was to let users with lower resolution view the whole page, not up to where the page fits the window size.

I put the disclaimer note saying thay you should see it in 1024 X 768 px, but you know that most people ignore the Res. specs. This is why I put the swf file a little more to the top, so that it would stay on-screen in an 800 X 600 screen. If not… I would’ve had to put a vertical scrollbar too.

As you can see, I’ve had **** too many complaints from viewers, and I’ve had to make those changes. I hate those scrollbars!!! But the client has the last word… he he he!

By the way, nice suggestion about the music player… I’ll get to that ASAP!

Any more comments, people??!!

im in 1024 and i have a scrollbar, i like the colors, font seems too tall or something…

good work

can you please send me a screen shot???
I don’t see the scrollbar in my window. :frowning:


it’s ok
*STABS Voodoo~Chile In the back

ejm… why are you stabbing me in the back???
WHYYY??? :slight_smile:

title topic: Please Murder Me!!!

Oh! I get it… you’re murdering me? ha ha ha
Thanks for the “it’s ok” input…
It’s VERY helpful… :stuck_out_tongue:

*Originally posted by Voodoo~Chile *
**Oh! I get it… you’re murdering me? ha ha ha
Thanks for the “it’s ok” input…
It’s VERY helpful… :stuck_out_tongue: **

rofl no problem :player: