Please review (again...)

Seems like my previous thread got deleted :*(

Therefore once again:

There’s no Flash in it (yet) and I had posted this before but apparently that thread is gone. I also changed the site a little since I last posted.

So if you would be so kind to have a look again and tell me what you think…


I like this a lot better with the nav across the top like this. Makes
it so much easier to get through your site. I like the bg graphic as
well, is it different? Nice improvements since last time.


p.s. - you last thread is gone because of the forum changing
hosts. In that process, they were unable to save the last 5 days
or so of our posts, so that’s why it’s gone. :wink:


Thanks for the comments.

Yes, I changed the navigation bar and the right hand side of the image. Before, it stopped kind of abruptly so I added the dots to make the change more kind of a gradient.

Also, I placed borders around the content to somehow make it more defined. I guess it worked… :slight_smile:

If anyone else would care to comment: please do!

Yes, this is better. I can see you got rid of the drop down menu so the nav now is better.

Your content is laid out in tables now which is good, but I still don’t like the way they’re spread out so much.

Other than the spacing problem, I say it’s an improvement. =)

it looks alot better then the last time i saw it. looks good. :slight_smile: =)

nice clean site - but get rid of the underlines of the nav.


Thanks! It’s gooed to hear I’m improving :slight_smile:

Mariofan, I indeed got rid of the underlines. You were right, it looks cleaner now.

I also took a look at the ‘moving dots’ fla at the Kirupa-lab, changed it a bit and put it into the top-banner.
I like it, it looks nice and simple I think. (the only thing is, that maybe the constantly moving dots distract people a bit…)

And EG, yes, I’m aware that the content is pretty spread out.
But if I shrink it I get even more blank space on the right hand side. (I am on 1280*1024 and now have about 30% blank space there)
So if I would narrow it down, I’m not sure how to cope with that.

Maybe you have any suggestions? (I’m sure you do… :slight_smile: )

Anyway, you’ve all been of great help already, so thanks!

Cheers, Flashmatazz