Plz check site for my buD!

Hey, my friend just put up his new hosting business after his web design didnt do as well as expected. here is his new site:

please check it out and maybe you can find a good hosting plan, im swtiching to get hosted by him

its really cheap!

it really looks nice after pressing F11

I was looking for a host so i’ll check it out

o yea luve the site nice lay-out really integrated into the navigation

just check and DAMM it is freacking cheap:

anyone who needs a basic site and not many requirements, such as large disk space or heavy bandwidth. People usually only need heavy bandwidth if they have many visits to their site or host downloads.

50 MB Space

500 MB Bandwidth


1 MySQL database

5 Subdomains (ex:

5 Email Accounts

CPanel 6.4 to easily manage your site


Passoword Protection

ONLY $1.99 PER MONTH! Order Here!

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Intermediate Plan
Space: 350 MB
Bandwidth: 5000 MB

Features: Apache Server, PHP, CGI/PERL, SSI, SSL,POP Emails, SMTP Email, Webmail, CPanel 6.4, subdomains, and much more!

and that is MINI!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

the site looks really professional, and i may look into those really good hosting plans.:beam:

i think i almost bought that template one time

Yes i comented about this before on another thread this site was posted in.

Now i’m almost certain i’ve seen this tmepalte before so could you please correct me if i’m wrong but it is a template right?

If it is you should not be posting this here. Site check is for original sites actualy built by the person. Setting up a template site does not count.

If you guys are fishing for business just post in random.

how could you for 1 second even think that you could get away
with pawning off a template, a very well known template, as your

I didn’t comment last time because I seem to be one of the few
people who will post the truth and be honest about my
comments.This is twice I’ve seen the site posted, and twice I’ve
burned up to think you want credit for the design.

Pretty pathetic really. :sigh:

Ok. Well just so you know this is me (dynamohosting). The person who started this thread, uncleguito is a friend of mine. He didnt know it was one and to be honest, the person I rent my dedicated servers from gave me this to use for my site. Now I needed my site up in a day or two so I decided to just use that template he gave me with the server instead of spending a couple weeks making a site.

And in my case spending a couple weeks making a site was wasting hundreds of dollars on my servers.

We could care less you didnt’ build the site it is the fact you put it in a site check tryig to get complemets on it.

If you use a tempalte to save some time and money more power to you. Just dont’ put it in a site check looking for comments on it. And if some one does complement you on it dont’ take credit like you built it.

the fact is I didnt put it in a site check. Uncleguito did and he didnt know it was a template.

Can a mod delete this post as sintax explained it is not relevant.

i sense a lil tension. who cares? really?