Political Poll

Ok found the poll option…
Not to be nosey, but I was wandering if you could run a political poll, maybe anonymous voting?
I am curious because this is a largely “creative” audiance with many intelligent individuals and most creative types are generally liberal. Perhaps categories for conservative, liberal and moderate. Demographics are pretty interesting.
BTW, glad I found this forum it is very educational and dynamic, lots of great input and not too many fanatics. I find reading the “Ordered” thread is good to relax after banging my head learning flash for hours. Thanks Kirupa!

can we add some options?? perhaps: Libertarian, Natural Law, Green, and maybe throw in the Labor party, for the brits… :wink:

you could probably fall into either one of these three catagories.

That sounds great, but I am not familiar with other parties in other countries, and there are soooo many parties just in ours, how do you qualify them all? This is as good as I could think of, I did figure most would reply with moderate (especially the moderators, bad joke). I do encourage most to choose their primary conviction.

I say let’s leave the poll as is. A lot of the parties fall under forms of liberal or conservative views. If we were to get into the minor details, then the poll would become endless :slight_smile:

I consider myself moderate :slight_smile:

and Socialists too…

dont forget american communist party! (there really is one too…)

But seriously, im a hardcore 150222221012% conservative

I’m the total opposite, I’m very liberal, but i find it useless to lean too far to either side, so i try to stay as moderate as possible.

Well it looks like there are more conservatives than I thought out there in Kirupa land. That’s good to know, not that I am supporting conservatives, not that I am not. I am just glad there is ballance in the force. Too bad Kirupians can not lead the world…