POM! i gotta ? about ur footer

pom how did you add your footer? i cant get mine to work!:cyclops: :q:

You are setting it up wrong…

How did I do that?


Had to use the PHP tags so the board wouldn’t convert it.

It seems your image is a broken link though. So you might want to fix that :-\

hey thanks shane. i’ll try both. i d k i hate my brinkster, to confusing.:cyclops:


Hey no problem, I hope you get it to work.

I am supposing brinkster doesn’t agree with hotlinking, since when I copy and paste the URL to your image in my browser I can see the image fine.

I hear www.boomspeed.com is allowing a free 1mb for the hotlinking of files. Maybe you can try them out.

brinkster allows it. i just was doing it wrong.i use geocities a lot more and am so used to that. but i got it to work.:cyclops: :smirk:

I don’t see the picture still though. I see a box with a red “x” in it.

REALLY? it works for me, until i post, then i dont see it. maybe i will look into that site you told me about. I made a new footer, but i dont like it. You were right (i am [email protected]) when you e-mailed me, you can do a lot w/ Photoshop 7, i am just begining to see some of its power, although i still suck at drawing stuff

Practice makes perfect =)