Me again kirupa

having problems with footer
have the swf and met all the requirements

i also have free accounts with tripod, boomspeed, and eccentrix (dont know why i got all 3,i guess to compare)
ANYWAY - how exactly do i get my footer workin
i post it on a page that they host and then…

i tried once but all i got was a white box

1 more thing
what is the best way to stick an image right there in your post?
as in, not a link.

thx man

You’ll have to find a server that allows you to ‘hot link’ to their site. Most servers dont want you using up their bandwidth by providing live data from their site to a remote server like So they block it from happening. There are literaly thousands of servers out there though, and some do let you hotlink. The easiest way is to pay for a server to host your stuff. Pretty much if you’re paying for the space, they will let you use up your own bandwidth on whatever you want.

I don’t really have any suggestions as to which free servers might allow hotlinking, but you might get some of our nicer board members to chime in with suggestions, with a well titled thread.

After you have a server which will allow it, you only need to use html or a small variant of html to have things show up here at kirupaforum.

Still pictures and GIF’s can be placed in your posts by using vB code. for help on all of the vB codes there is a help link next to the vB code check box on the left of the “reply to thread” window of this forum.

boomspeed allows hotlinking. It is a file storage server, used for people who want to put images on e-bay and such.

The code to add a .swf file might not have been executed properly. Did you use this code…

[ swf=“ height=200 width=50”][/swf ]

(remove spaces between brackets)

If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what to tell you.

I’m using geocities.

cool thx
ill do it from my boomspeed account