Pom you're a genious

I know you’re on vacation and you probably won’t read this for a while. But i used your Draggable Menu tutorial, and I modified it with the tut you made before that had buttons instead of a dragger and i made this…\r\rwww.angelfire.com/dc/vidg…oller.html\r\r\rits for my site, i was just excited and i wanted everyone to praise pom’s genius :slight_smile: \r\rits a 2 mb load, so it will take some time…just to warn you. :slight_smile:

Jeese… Supra and I teach the frenchie a couple of tricks and he gets all the credit…\r\rJust kidding. I know Pom is quite good. Of course since knowledge is just passed around, we could just as easily say that YOU are a genius for your alterations upon his design.\r\rPraise for Pom!!\rPraise for I am not Jubba!!\r\rand most of all. cause I never forget his genius… Praise for Supra!!\r\rGood work man… It looks great.

praise for all you. you guys have helped me a lot, i really appreciate it, and i’m glad to say that i actualy have progressed. thanks.\r\ri was really excited that i got that working, and it was his tut, so i gave him credit. but it was a pain in the @$$ cuz his tut was only for 4 images, so i had to change the code to account for 12 images. and then i had to go into each button and change the code, but the intervals were irregular, so it was a pain. i had to change the numbers .01 at a time, until the images lined up rigth…it took forever! thanks again.

I think alot of you are all geek++ !\r\rupuaut8\rSupra\rPOM\r\rgood work to all who contribute, I certainly learn alot here.

I’m a geek… I admit it whole heartedly… in fact, geekhood is one of the few things that I respect in life.

Not Jubba, you’re making me blush, even though my increasing swarthiness makes it look otherwise. I’m really glad that you could make that work, cos I wasn’t sure it was really clear when I wrote the darn thing. But as Upu said, I’m just passing around the knowledge I got from him and Supra (and all the others but those 2 are the first ones to come to my mind… Sorry). One thing though : you should make your pictures a little bit bigger because we can’t really see the details when it’s so small, and why don’t you increase the frame rate a little bit ?\rThanks again\r\rpom 0]

well in the final version, the pictures are clickable buttons that will take you to a full-page version of it. you can check here http://www.angelfire.com/dc/vidgame/images/movies/mypage.html\r\ropen the menu and click the ART link.

Looks really good. I like the menu very much.\r\rpom 0]

thanks, the tut was great. you helped a lot. and thanks to everyone else that help Pom learn wut he needed to learn, to teach me wut I needed to be taught! :slight_smile: you’re all great…even if some people think you’re geeks. Oh, yeah…Pom, how were those women?

Too darn short !! 15 minutes… what can you expect from a man like me in less than 3 hours ??\rActually, if avalanche there has been, it must have been an avalanche of dirt. Or beer, most certainly.\rpom 0]

lol…you guys are great.