Poo, help please

Hey everyone
I’m poor and such so my hosting and all that is going byebye.
I’m thinkin that my domain is going to get snatched too, so I’m preparing for that. When I get the money together again and have the ability to get a new hosting and domain and all, what would be a good name? right now I have xxviii.net, xxviii.com is taken, and xxviii.org sounds funky, but im not writing it off. So the domain should have something to do with the number 28, romanized or otherwise. Any suggestions would be stuperdendious!


They want anywhere from 688 to 10000 for that one :frowning:

i like 4 weeks haha

4 weeks is good :smiley: but I have this weird association with 4 weeks and pregnancy :trout: … dont know if thats the image you want to project xxviii :wink:

Hey, art, design, pregnancy, it’s all good.

i think studiotwentyeight is taken…

yep it is…

Kol, the awesome skin maker


grrr… i so invented the number 28.
jeeze, just because he’s talented and does real work he thinks he can take the name… and because he’s probably much, much older than me. What a poo.

lol… i like what vulcan said studio20eight

you could do Studio 2+8
or Studio 2_8
or Studio 2wentyeight


I like the ideas of numbers with words like that, thanks for the help thus far everyone :beam:


surely you can keep your xxviii.net name even if you can’t pay for hosting… no?

I mean there are places where you can renew it for around $10± for the year

…tell you what - buy another year for your name and contact me , I’ll spot you some space 'till you can regroup your duckets