Pop-up (down) menu?

I am new to Flash MX and I am having some trouble getting a desired effect to work. I’m looking for something that resebles what is on www.novell.com. The pop-up menus at the top of the screen are slick! I can’t seem to find a tutorial for this, anyone have any ideas for me??


This thread is for Flash 5, but Flash 5 usually tends to work in Flash MX also so maybe it can help you out… There are some files that people uploaded there that do what you want…


That’s not Flash, man :stuck_out_tongue:

But you can do it, check www.computerarts.co.uk in the tutorial section.

pom :asian:

I thought maybe he knew it wasn’t flash, but wanted to know how to do that in flash…

I know it’s possible to do in flash. I’m new to flash so I didn’t see that off the bat. What is used to make the menus I was speaking of?:q:

The menu on that site is done in Javascript.

It would probably be easier to do it in Flash if you don’t know javascript.

Here is my attempt at the pop-up. I got the info from Macromedia’s site. There is a discrepency between the directions they have for Flash 5 and what my Flash MX has. Can you see where I messed up? I’m sure it’s in the scripting somewhere, I suspect the invisible buttons are the problem.


Did you check the tute?

What is a tute?? Tutorial? Yep, I used Macromedia’s tute…