Porsche tractor modding - only for good guys

Hi all!

Modding the base picture (tractor and men)

Base picture (Porsche tractor)

whoooa! gonna be fun! I’m in

not sure i’ll enter but it’ll definitely be fun to watch !


I saw the pic and thought - that should be fun, then read it was only for good guys - so people with only a week of intermitant PS skills are out I guess . . . still, since no ones been here for a month, I might as well post something, if only to see what the good guys can actually do.


it looks like the real porsche 4X4. except yours might actually be able to go off road! :lol

This is gonna be fun :love:

Come on guys, what’re ya waitin’ for? :beam:

IM in…
Wait till u see my entry…

Can I use a Speed Boat instead of the Porshe Tractor??
Or any other object…


here’s my entry, just for fun


hands over winner ribbon



Can u post a tutorial for that explosion???