Port Replicator problem with Vaio A160 Series

I recently obtained one of these, and so far everything is great except I’m having a problem with the included port replicator.

The AC Adapter works with it fine, and same with the speakers and USB ports, but the computer doesn’t recognize that the replicator is plugged in, so I can’t access some of its other functions.

Any idea on how to fix this?

What’s a port replicator?

Well I fixed the problem…

A port replicator is a thing you can plug in to certain laptops that has a whole lot of ports on it. (Usually different than the ones on the laptop itself)

aka docking station

OK, can you share how you fix it? I’m fixing computers part time and it’d be good info.

It was a not-yet-resolved error in Win XP Pro (for that model of port replicator), so for the time being we have Home Edition on it.