Portfolio or company site, what's best

I have noticed recently that freelance designers/developers hoping to attract some clients of their own tend to create a portfolio site (highlighting why they’re so great and showing off their work) OR create their site as it were a company and talk more about the services (design, domain name, search engine) and prices that they could offer.

Now I can see that with the portfolio site it can be an advantage to talk about yourself because it can be shown to prospective clients and employers. And I can see that with the other option (company based) it could attract prospective clients (probably better than the portfolio one) but not so much employers.

The reason I ask is because I have a site which is a portfolio style at http://www.rbell.net, do you think I need to change it to business or create another site or do you think the portfolio style is fine.

What do you think’s best (company or portfolio style) :h:

Well I think the best idea is to combine both.

If you have a company, when it comes to web, you don’t always have to have a huge group of people with you.

You can combine any of your company services with your portfolio. If your company knows something, why not just combine it with what you have? It is your company. The more you add, the less limits, and the more clients :).

hmmm…a combination. Good idea :thumb:

you know I don’t think I’ve seen one. Honestly the ones I’ve seen have either been company or portfolio type. Any examples of the merged types :h:

ive been pretty torn between making a personal portfolio and/or a company website for myself also.

i just combined the 2 for now until i decide if i want to take a more corporate approach to promoting my business.

check out my site:


John… Nice site. Well done.

I think this is a great site for giving the look of professionalism and still being a resume site. Great work.

…Ps… Kirupa start running ads in Hawaii or something? :wink:

My site combines portfolio and company styles. It’s not finished and there are a few spelling mistakes so please don’t point this out.

sorry I didn’t say earlier but thanks guys your sites have given me something to think about :thumb: