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Hey can anyone give me some feedback/advise on my website.

I can take it

I definitely have seen your front page somewhere else. Especially the button to the right of the Enter. Don’t copy. Your colors of the actual site does not in any way match the intro page.

I’d have to agree w/ Max on that one… looks like an old 2A splash. Just cause it’s not being used doesn’t mean you can. :m:

The style of your splash and site don’t match, your splash is stylish and contemporary, and your site is generic.

On your intro to your page I’d figure out how to do something else w/ that JM instead of that stretching tween.

Your tweens on your content aren’t bad, but still generic, try adding some graphic elements into the bars and all that jazz.

Your contact page is extremely confusing, try doing a flash, php form.

Your buttons have some kind of edge on the point making it look like an upside down roof top.

Try adding some kind of different rollover onto your buttons and not just a hover, bevel, underline effect… that can be done in html, flash can do more than that.

Wow… Never NEVER EVER copy something like that. You even used an image that looks exactly the same as one of theirs, not to mention the same colors.

You might want to bump up the framerate to make it smoother.

has this site been posted before, a few months back?

2advanced IS one of the more copied sites on the internet, but that is pretty lame making that obvious. The same color scheme? Same enter button? Come on man.

The “inside” of your site isn’t bad… but a bit bland. I’d re-think your layout. Try to make it less “HTML” like. If you can make it in DHTML, there isn’t a reason to make it in Flash.

nothing happens when I click the enter button - anyone else experiencing this?
I mean the one at the bottom…

I hate to beat a dead monkey, but it is obvious where your inspiration came from. I would totally redo the intro page and drop everything that 2advanced had on theirs… that 32bit display junk and the Pention II+…

This was the end all of cool sites, but that was 5 years ago. There are some much better designed sites to find inspiration from. We’ve all borrowed an idea to learn with at some point so keep on working and you’ll have something.

Mate, your really lucky we members here at Kirupa actually give you suggestions to what you can do to your site to make it actually creative. If you were at US, you would certainly be nailed down. Why do so many people have to copy 2ad


It’s pathetic when I see an exact copy of another person’s work where no new ideas or elements have been added.

EthanM i’ve never seen the 2advanced site before, and its awesome. but you say there are better ones out there??

please, a link or two?


and @jmountain: what everybody else said…


There is a complete thread dedicated to cool site that you can go to.

Something doesnt ‘feel’ right about the ‘inside’ of the site. And the look! It just reminds me of old versions of stuff like OS9 or sum’n.