What do you think!

Check out my site for carnal knowledge the night club I dj for,
It took me about a 3-4 weeks working (after work hours),
let me know what you think. the whole site is 100% my own work from scratch, (however some imagery is not my own)

It might take about 15-30 seconds to load, (but it is well worth it) that is an issue I am currently working on (just dont get the time), as it is quite a graphicaly heavy site.

If any ones got any ideas or improvement sugestions (or cant get the site up) please let me know.




:evil: Very epileptic! :evil:

Very Flashy,so to speak :stuck_out_tongue: I like the use of visuals in the site and the navigation is well laid out. The black and white intro needs some work, kinda looks a bit quickly done with absolutely no tie in with the color scheme of the rest of the site. I also can’t skip the intro. :-\

Just call me kritical i guess. :x

cheers for your feedback RicBaX

I agree with you about the intro, I did have a different intro on it which was a lot better but had to change it quickly (due to the guy changing the name of the night club) and haven`t yet had the time to make a better one. yet.

as for you not being able to skip the intro, I was trying to force the viewer to watch the intro every time. we use it as a kind of notice board, changing the intro to avertise drinks promos and djs who are playing.
Also it was so it starts to load the rest of the site whilst the intro is playing,hence making the preloader smaller (this is because the site was built all on one timeline, the same scene, it then loads the site whilst the intro is playing)

let me know what you think?

that’s a sweet site - I loved the way everything flashes into life, would you mind telling me how you did the photo windows, because they are wicked - how does one go about designing a chromeless window and opening it - if that’s what you did…

That is very nice. Very commonly used effects though. The springy phone rules!..haha.

Why do you use the record button as the stop button (the button with the circle in it means record, a stop button should have a square in it), is this a creative method? Or honest mistake?

The animated images are pretty cool too.

Hey Urban: Chromeless windows are out. As of IE6 SP1 chromeless windows are no longer supported. Apparently with the first service pack update they removed something that the chromeless window script relied on. Microbians (http://www.microbians.com , the makers of chromeless windows) said there is no workaround they know of yet, so this means chromeless windows will soon be gone for good if they can’t find a solution.

I don’t know why I went off on that, chromless windows are not used on this site (that I saw), but yeah.

[size=1]i think the site overall is very good. far better than a lot of sites
in flash. good work so far. =)

I would suggest 4 things…

  • skip intro button (a must nowadays)

  • changing either the color of the intro to fit the bg of the page or
    vice-versa. It really doesn’t match but the animations are ok.

  • find and replace your text in the intro with some different fonts
    other than generic system fonts, like arial, verdana, etc.
    www.1001freefonts.com is a good place to start.

  • maybe add some sound to the over satus of the buttons. some
    sort of beep or blip would be good considering the style of the

just suggestions of course…


Actually 'Beta you are just the man I wanted to talk to - on your site you appear to have two different ways of dealing with displaying stuff.

In the portfolio section you have entirely new windows that open - like the one ‘Cascade 45’ opens in (which is cool - is that an album cover?).

In the experimental section you have smaller windows that open, that have the flash inside.

The windows that simononestop opened his photos in are different again.

I want now to create the portfolios section for our artists that opens separate windows with the photos in, the latter two options would be perfect but I’m not sure how to go about doing it.

My windows in my portfolio open up just as _blank, while my windows in my tutorial section open up as html pop up windows.

The windows used on simononestops site are made entirely in Flash.

for all the feed back, any more would still be appreciated.
I will take it all in to account when doing the update on the site,
some good ideas.

I just need to find some time to do the update now.

as for the windows urbanscrawl,
they are just a load movie(swf) so for each photo there is an swf loaded when you hit the button, the window pop up effect is animated in the loaded swf with its own preloader, when you click on another button or the close button it unloads the movie.

This way the photos are easier to up date and change because you have each swf separate to the main movie.
Plus loading the photos on demand keeps the preload on the site down.
creating the windows in flash gives unlimited posibilities,design, animation etc. over using HTML pop ups, or modeless windows, which I find either dont work well or look pretty bad.

I liked the site. It looked really good. I liked it better when 2advanced made it for club 01 though. You almost completely copied there site. At first I thought it was a coincidence but then I saw your turn table logo then I knew it was a copy. That is the exact same picture. Your buttons are the same. Your 3d venue layout is the same. There are even more similarities but I don’t have time to list. I think the only original things are the color scheme, your intro and the audio control at the bottom.

I’m not trying to be mean or an asshole and if you mabye know or have a deal with 2advancd or club 01 I fully apologize.

The site does look real nice and navigates very well for such a content heavy site. I know the work is 100% your own from scratch but the idea isn’t.

I’m sure if everyone compares the sites they will see the same similarities I have found. I’m sorry to be mean about this but I didn’t think it was right to have it go unmentioned.

here is the link to club 01 site

I wondered how long it would take for someone to say that “sintax321”.
The thing is that the client gave me those images which he collected.
and askes specifically for a similar feel in animation and atmosphere to the club o1 site.
Then these days how many clients dont want a 2advanced feel.
so I had to create a site similar with the same feel but different.
you see the clients are never designers they see something and want something the same.
(I think 2advance sites have their place or genre in web design, but not every one wants that particular look, in this case they did).
and the clients provide your work, you have to do what they want (with-in guide lines).
funny how we can find similarities to 2 avanced work in everybodies work these days. like your portfolio has similar animation effects and sound effects as that of 2 advanced.
But then in the design world everybody always says everything has been done before.

every one seems to be obsessed with the whole" be the best at flash the best effects the most outstanding different site, best intro, 3d in flash" but if there is no call for that, if no clients require that, then ask your self what`s the point.

Client`s requirements met … Job done.

ok then check some work we did for our selves
its not finished yet so you may get some errors and stuff.

See the key word you use is “similar” which is different then an exact copy. My portfolio site in no way is an exact copy of 2advanced. They don’t own the rights to having a flashy build and neat little sounds but they do own the rights to design ideas they create.

IF a client asks for a similar site build a similar site but don’t do an exact copy of a lot of the key elements(even using exact pictures). How would you feel if I took the site you are working on made a close to exact copy then claimed it for my own idea and put a big copyright line ant the bottom. You would likely be quite angry that you spent time on an idea that someone has just copied.

Yes you are right to say everything has been done before but there lies the challenge of taking what has been done and making look original by improving it, not copying it exactly.

Your new site looks really good. From what I saw it will be a kick ass site when it is finished. Everything loaded quickly and ran really slick and smooth. Want to here something funny. The sound you have on the buttons in your sub menus is the same sound I had originally for my portfolio buttons.:slight_smile: =) :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep Flashing, and keep it original

Saw the similarities and am afraid to say I much prefered the original - but your other site is wicked. Really clean with great graphics, it looked and felt tighter than a sharks ass at 50,000 fathoms.