Positioning Of Two Side-By-Side Text Elements

Hello all,

I’m almost certain this is a simple problem, but I can’t seem to find the obvious solution.

Here is the page visually: http://www.bradhenderson.com/smith/

I have large text as a logo next to a small horizontal list navigational menu, and I’d like the “logo” name and the navigational menu words to rest on the same imaginary line. That is, I’d like both elements to be in perfect vertical alignment on the same “baseline.” Right now, this works in Safari and is pretty close in FF, but I’m looking for a solution across all browsers.

I could solve this if I sized both the “logo” name and the nav menu items in px rather than em and positioned one relative/absolute, but I’m trying to achieve the same result while using the more user friendly ems for text size (which would seem to mean I’d have to use em for positioning the nav menu items and em for any line-height)

Many thanks to the brilliant minds who read these posts and offer solutions.

Thank you.