Positioning symbol by registration point?

I already checked many forums about this, maybe i am the only one who has a problem with this change in flash mx 2004:

Using the info panel, if you position a symbol - with the middle spot in the 3x3 grid selected - you do not move the symbol by the registration point any more (as in recent versions).

Instead you move it by the center point of the instance, and that seems to be in the middle of the symbol by default. ok, you can move it to match the registration point, but you have to do it for every instance by hand. bad.

this new behaviour is especially annoying if you use symbold that have the registration point neither in the upper left, nor in the middle. that is the case in a lot of symbols i use.

even more inconsistent: if you move a symbol by actionscript the center point is totally ignored and only the registration point is used. Is there no way to move it like this using the panels?

i use still use the trial version, but i dont think that causes my problems.

any help appreciated!