Possible mac issues?

just wondering…

i burnt a cd with some director and flash exe’s (flash player and projector)

i created and burnt them on a pc

my sister tried to open them on a mac - she was able to see the file and click them but got a message saying that the program was not on the computer, therefore they could not be viewed.

so my question is - am i exporting them wrong? i was under the impression that they would work on mac or pc, but im prolly wrong

someone who knows please school me

as far as i know exe is not a supported format on macintosh … they have another file format for executables. you should look in your publish settings for director. it maybe easier just to make it into a webpage and put that on a cd that way it will be viewed by internet explorer’s flash / shockwave plugin

hope this helps

thanks, im actually looking to put my portfolio on the web instead of burning cd’s - so does anyone know what the BEST way to do this is?

i have tripod, boomspeed, and even eccentrix as hosts - but their free plans (as im sure any free plan would) have very annoying banners.

is there any way to get blank web space for free?

is the best way to pay their like 29.99 a year plans?

i would love to just be able to stick a link in my resume an be like here, check out my portfolio…boom…done.

as far as i know you’re not going to find a free host that doesnt have banners … they gotta pay for the servers somehow. when you sign up for a plan you should look closely at what they offer, how reliable their servers are and how fast they are too. you don’t wand prospective clients / employers being tied up in a long cue on a slow server. just be careful

i too am looking to host my portfolio. yahoo is more expensive than 30 a year … i think its 15 a month … but they have really reliable servers all over the US and it comes with domain forwarding so i can have www.myname.com or whatever.

anyway … good luck with that.

yea u too, thx

i have a yahoo.site account for my father, it is 30$ a month which he is paying, but they have some pretty strong template guidelines

i think yahoo does have a cheaper one that u can basically control everything with html

ill find out the name an re post

p.s. - if anyone checks that site, does someone know the best way to optimize those graphics - the buttons, etc

i believe they are small gifs now but the quality is ass

photoshop is in my opinion the best optimizer … just do file > saveForWeb

as far as yahoo … i have a few sites on there and they have no template restrictions for us. i can put whatever i want up there as long as its not illegal :slight_smile:

we get 20gb bandwidth a month i believe and we can have a few subdomains too … its not bad at all

really, and how much are you paying,
may i ask?

and by subdomains you mean…lol

its about $15 a month i think … you should go look on yahoo.com and look at their pricing

subdomain would be a domain under the one you have so if you have www.monkey.com then a subdomain of that would be love.monkey.com

though they have an ad now for $8.95 … just look around


go webhosting.com it is an SBC network co. For 25 (if you pre pay for a year you get two monts free) a month you get about 200megs of space and a crapload of bandwidth… they have great tech support, hundreds of server locations (after all SBC manages over 60 million connections)… I use them for all my sites, just something to look into.