Posting etiquette article

Check out this article.

roflmao… that’s rich. Thanks for that post sir. Everyone should read that.

that was hysterical…really makes sense…some people just don’t get it no matter how hard we try…seems they never will

That was really great - very good read!


Isn’t if funny, and oh so true?

I’d love to see a compressed version at the header of each forum, at least of the top five things. Oh well, I know it’s too much to ask.


Hey Inigo,
Will do that. I’ve added to my list of “TO Do” things in a notepad file that I keep on my HD. That would make sense to create a small table with information such as this posted along with the “how to add a Flash footer”, etc.

Kirupa :rambo:

That was good! :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, really is a wonderful site.

You’ve got to love those guys. :slight_smile:

Very funny article. Picks up on quite a few of life’s little irritations.