Designing a Flash Site?

Then read this first, and when you think you’re done, read it again and check your site before going online!…lity/tips/


Thanks Mr. Freeze!

The Mask

Thanks eyezberg! That is really helpful, too bad I’m not designing any Flash sites…yet!

Ditto Eyez… Very informative and straight forward. The top ten list of design rules, so to speak.

agghhh so thats what i have been doing wrong…:wink: lol



Thanks for the sp, you pain in the @$$. :wink: it was imformative

what deos ‘sp’ mean ???

and who’s a pain in the a%&… :wink:



SP=Second Phrenchman

and Pain in the ass = all of us. He seems to refer to a great many of this in this hostile derogatory anger projected manner. And that microphone which never, ever comes off, it might even be a vestigal organ, who knows? I think it stems phrom his childhood, but canot be sure yet, more study is needed. We should be kind though and try to work with him on these issues through love and tolerance, setting examples, don’t you agree?

:evil: Still looking for the Emoticons Anonymous Group, maybe kirupa can make a category for that.

no no… Ben, I saw, “imformative” at the bottem of your previous post.
This is how bad my spelling is. I saw you’re spelling thought that you had the correct one, and assumed you were correcting my spelling.
I just checked and mine was spelled correctly. So I guess I accidentaly corrected you. :slight_smile:

sp means spelling… sometimes if I put an (sp?) it means that I’ve tried spelling the word a couple ways and can’t figure it out. :wink:

anyway… I was just joking around.