Power Failures

ugh…it’s currently 80.5 degrees at a cloudy 10:12am in our office.

This if Florida weather, so it could easily reach 90 inside by mid-afternoon.
Power failures around the city yesterday knocked out our building’s air condition.

Our Director has said that our workday might be modified.

I can only hope so.

Anyone else having a weird Wednesday?

yeah, after working here for about a week and a half, i finally received actual “work”.


Today is weird for sure. Although I couldn’t give a crap because I finally got cable after 8 months of suffering thourgh 56k. I keep abandoning my work and downloading big things instead just for the novelty of it.

Not weird but lazy

I’m supposed to be designing a new site but everytime I start, I decide to surf the web for something that I don’t need. Just can’t seem to get started

Hmm… Well I just got a game that I’ve been waiting for for over a year, and I’m not going to play it until my friend gets here. That’s kinda weird.

what game?

wow 84 degrees inside - building record is being held by some coworkers upstairs on the 4th floor at 90 degrees…they’ve shut down FHP operations besides mission core critical personnel…im glad they include me in that bunch…but then again i could be home right now lol

I live in Arizona. Enough said. My truck is about 110 degrees inside the cab right now. Thank god I bought one of those remote start alarm systems. It will be nice and cool before I get off work.

I have it set on a timer to start the A/C 5 minutes before I get out of work. I love technology.

Inside our office is about 80 degrees like normal, 78 degrees if the boss man decides to cool it off more. Let’s just say if the A/C went out we would be closing until it was fixed. Can’t work in AZ without good A/C.

  1. Customers will not want to come inside the oven.
  2. Employees will not want to come inside the oven.
  3. Fubar.

lol - true that man -

we usually have the office at 74-75 - but with all the computers running - its getting crazy - car heat - yeah i fell ya bro - its nearing 100 outside consistently and its not even late july yet

this summer is going to be a hot one:hangover:

It is gona be a hot summer i have all my fans on and my room still won’t go to 75 degrees in my bedroom :frowning:

Power failures around the city yesterday knocked out our building’s air condition.

Did your state deregulate it’s energy companies, too??

not really lol - we have our own utilities owned by the city “Tallahassee, your own utilities.”

Any rate turns out that a computer malfunctioned with a shutdown command, the power to that substation was re-routed to another substation at which point that station was overpowered and brought it completely down - thereby shutting off power to half the city.

Which in turn sent a surge or something to our air condition chiller into a frenzy at which point a part “that’s never supposed to break,” broke.