Praise for the Masters

…I don’t care what level any of you are… you’re all masters in my book. We’ve had threads before, and we’ll have em again, where we just toot our own horns… but in this case, it’s me tooting all of your horns… so to speak

you all are the best bunch of Flashers I’ve ever had the pleasure to help or be taught by.

Where the hell did that come from…

Same goes to you and thanks :slight_smile:
Check your footer, rollout is ok to top, but rollout at bottom doesn’t bring the spin back…

Hey, I have a tear pearling on my cheek right now… You know what Upu, when I look at what I knew about Flash on January 6th when I first glanced at that phorum, and what I know now, it’s just amazing. This board is really full of wonderphul people, contrary to other boards I won’t name, where some sucker will laugh at you cos you don’t know how to give an instance a name…

I love you guys !!!

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Your getting me misty here guys…<img src= ALT=":">


This guy is amazing.