Quik thanx

thanx goes out to kirupa. if it hadn’t been for this site i would never have learned flash. i’m still learning, but everything i know now, i owe to this site, and all the members that answer my posts.

I think everyone here owes thanks to Kirupa and all the Mods on this board.

Hey Freq1cy,
Your welcome. You should also thank all the people who have helped write countless tutorials and answer questions on the forums. They are the ones that keep the site cool and fresh with new content =)

Kirupa :rambo:

Yeah, but didn’t the mods learn their skills here? :slight_smile: I know I did…

Cheers Kir

pom :asian:

Ok, let us word it like this.

Everyone here on this board who has ever contributed constructive help to another individual on the board in any way deserves to be thanked for being kind enough to offer their time to help others.

How does that sound?