I was at school today and for the first part of the day we go to a place called TCD its a technology center. at TCD i am studding networking with Cisco.

well when we get board some times we send “net sends” to each other and if you are not familiar with this term it is when you send a message to each other using the massinger service on all windows NT. ie… win 2000, XP ect…

today I had a great idea how about I send one but this time instead of the persons IP or host name i will put a * then type “Hi” well when i sent it i saw it all pop up on my Buddy’s screens and i laughed but Little did i know it sent it to almost every computer in the whole school.:d:

then one of my other class mates sent one saying “I am God” so there was two pop ups saying Hi I am God. soon one teacher after another comes down to are area saying we have a computer 188 and 177 saying Hi I am god.LOL!

I was |-------| that close to getting in some big trouble luckily they just said never do it again and was let off.

so have any of you ever done a prank and ether got busted or almost got busted or maybe got off scot free? i want to hear your story’s.