The Official Prank Thread

Inspired by the content of the thread about batteries exploding, I decided everyone needs a good laugh so… plus if you need to get revenge on your friend or just need livening up in your life, this thread is here! :smiley:

Post your favorite pranks here, and the reactions of your victims too!

I’ll start with two:

  1. Make sure no one goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night accidentaly, and then dump a packet of jello into the toilet. Wake up in the morning and when someone goes in, just listen at the door and laugh your head off.

  2. Another toilet one. Just place a large piece of plastic wrap under both liftable parts of the toilet seat, and make sure it is taut so it is hard to spot if someone is in a hurry to pee. When they do… it flies everywhere… disgusting but hilarious… and if they poo… well… it sorta squishes against their bums… lol…


Run around in public acting like a video game character, and cos play around stores. I do it all the time, and it gets some funny stuff.

Oh and soundboard calling people!

I acted like a power ranger once… they threw me out of toysrus… lol

Acted :sure:



Go in to a area with a lot of people . a croud of people. and play a tape recorder of a little girl saying "mommy mommy! that man is touching me like daddy does at home.

you’ve probably all heard this one-

take transparent tape and wrap it around the sprayer attachment on your sink so that it is tight. when someone turns on the sink, well you know

At college, I taped newspaper to the door frame of this girl’s room. since the door is about a 4 inch inset, there’s a 4-inch by 8-foot area. Well, the newspaper was designed to hold in some popped popcorn. Then, in the morning when she opened her door, all the popcorn fell into the room.

Harmless and I got a date out of it.

Meaning, he thought he really was a Power Ranger :ninja: .

My freshman year in college… moved into the dorm with two of my buddies from HS. Anyway one of them was pretty homophobic… he went on a trip to ASPEN where he met this girl and guy at a bar. They ended up hanging out a few nights in a row, long story short, the last night it became VERY clear that the guy wasnt dating the girl and was VERY interested in my roommate. Anyway he comes back from the trip and was freaked out by it because this guy had also said he had cousins living in LA (we were at school in Santa Barbara) and would be out to see them soon, maybe he’d stop by, etc. So being homophic as he was my buddy is all freaked that this guy is going to stalk him and come try to see him and sh*t. So of course I saw this as a great opportunity to f’ with him.

Since I knew all the details of what happened on the trip I hadc a great advantage - to impersonate the gay guy, Dale was his name. So I went about setting up false email accounts and an AIM account, all with “dale” used in the screen names/login. I immediately start messing with my roommate. Sending him emails, and talking to him whenever he got online w/AIM (most of those times we were siting in the same room, he had NO CLUE). I slowly built up with the stalking stuff over two weeks (even my other roommate didnt know!). Drew (my homophobic roomate) was really starting to freak out, cuz I started talking about how I (impersonating Dale) was going to come out to Cali and I wanted to see him. Then I kept adding info I had found out about where his dorm was, what room he was in what his phone number was etc. Being the only “computer guy” of the group he kept coming to me: “dude, is it really possible for him to just find this info out about me?!” of course Im like yeah… really easy, just gotta know where to look, anyone could do it… :wink:

Anyway I get it to the point where Im saying Im (Dale) going to come by the room one day (Cuz dale is now visiting in LA ;)). Drew is FREAKING OUT, he wants to call the police and talk to campus security, etc.

Im at class that afternoon, leaving him to freak out in the dorm room (he actually stayed in another room down the hall in case Dale showed up!). Well he stoped by our room to pick something up and it turned out in my rush to go to class I had left the AIM login screen open with “funkydale” as a user. I come back to:


I was crying for like the rest of the day I was laughing so hard, 4 years later we still give him crap about it!

I can definitly say, I will never top that. It was so well planned, and perfectly played out… in short: I AM AWESOME!!!


I got one buy some cndm* put water something smelly and salt in them dump it out all then put them in ur sisters bed or anywhere and ppl think it was used
something really funny is get the really really small kind and put them in your friends bag and act like u dropped something in there and do this in front of a lot of ppl

Oh heres another one. When ur with a friend get a plastic spider or some type of hair or something and sneakly put it on there shoulder tell them to hold still and act serious and tell them just to hold still move in real closely they’ll get scared and think its a spider and start moving and running around to get the spider off when they see it

I know a good one… you make up fake screen-names that make it seem like it’s some friend of yours, and then go round asking all your other friends “That <insert name here> is a total <insert insult here>, isn’t he?”.

Good way to find out how friendly people really are to you :wink:

[s]My personal favorite is when you take a hot torch to the thread part of a lightbulb to heat up to adhesive. Then you pull it off from the glass filiment and all. Then fill the glass with blackpowder and ball bearings. put the filiment and threaded part back in and carefully screw it back in.

Leave and wait for some idiot to turn on the light.[/s]

ehhe this reminds me of this:
Not too long ago… a week mby. This guy received a message “If <insert email here> adds you into his contact list then reject it cuz it’s a virus …blabla…” Then he checked out the e-mail address and found out that there was no such e-mail address registered so he did it himself and started spreading the word about the virus and started adding ppl into his contact list :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s funny to see how this thing spreads all over the country. My friends have gotten that warning from their friends etc etc and it all started from one guy :stuck_out_tongue:

take transparent tape and wrap it around the sprayer attachment on your sink so that it is tight. when someone turns on the sink, well you know

haha thats hilarious… i wasn’t sure what you meant by sprayer thing, but then once i figured it out, i realized how truly devious the prank is… :evil:

LOL Ryall (FunkyDale)… too funny

whoa Fester… i’m not sure if that’s a prank, or premeditated murder… :-/

heres another one I did last night wear high hill shoes a scary wig of some sort And those little swimming goggles and walk around really really slowly in funny way(swing ur legs in a circular motion everytime when going forward) Now I went over to my mom stood over her(Cuz She is the scary one and then stood over her with my hands over my head she woak up and was looking at me like what is that started screaming knocked my dad out the bed and I started going towards her again in a slow motion she started hiding behind my dad and My dad was like who r u who r u! and I was like I taken ur son and now i’ll get u they recognized my voice. My mom was laughing my dad wasnt(doesnt have a since of humor) He thought it was very rude of me to wake him up like that. But my mom is still laughing about it. HAHA Best prank ever just make sure they rnt near a light or lamp so they turn it on to see that’sll ruin everything

Im going to do it to my sister tonight.

:lol: :smiley: :beam: :lol:

You know those horribley smelly pieces of paper advertising really cheap perfume that are literally doused in their own product? I once managed to get a huge stack of that stuff and (while wearing a mask) wall papered my friend’s dorm room with it. Also put it in between her mattresses, inside her sheets and pillowcase, in her shoes, in the sleeves of her clothes, in her dresser drawers, EVERYWHERE. Holy crap it stank in there. Made your eyes water. A year later she was STILL finding papers in random places. :smiley:

  1. (Classic) Take some warm water and put it on the hand of a friend while they are asleep. Later on that night they self Pee

  2. take some Pop rocks and open the front of it and tape it on the bottom ofa toilet seat with the opening facing towards the toilet. then. when the person opens the seat. out fall the pop rocks and snap crackle and pop it is!

@ lunatic ROFL!