Predictive Spam Fighting / Spam Hall of Fame

I’ll bet you 50 senocular dollars :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like this user @kirupa slipped through the system and is blowing this place up. :grin:


But as a bonus side effect, I’m learning a lot about silverlight!

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Hahaha! I will go through and clean those up later tonight :grinning:

The one from 2009 about random number generation in as3. I wonder if that’s what brought me here. I did some flash stuff earlier but the first time I really attempted to learn to code anything (and apparently joined this site) was probably 2009ish, and I recall making a box fight its own position with random numbers. I believe I concluded Math.random() was random enough for me



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Well…it is tonight somewhere in the world :stuck_out_tongue:

(Just removed a bunch!)

Why are they getting added, though? Is this some kind of automated process? Why hasn’t this happened before? Is it related to the changes you were making to the site for themes? If so, are we to expect this to happen again in the future with other changes? And when will it stop now? :exploding_head:

These are one-time events. I think a search engine or scraper is indexing all of this really hidden content on the site, and it is triggering the topic generation scripts. I am resetting the date for all these new topics to sometime in 2018 to get them to disappear from our main view. It should be stopping soon :innocent:

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Some of them have dates which is useful, like - Using Toggle Buttons - Page 3. But some don’t, like What is UI Virtualization?. Are these new[er]?

Yeah. The newer articles published in the last two years-ish don’t have dates on them anymore. I was always on the fence on whether dates added value. What are your thoughts?

I like dates.

Won’t dates make many types of content look old even if the content is still relevant? By removing dates, my hope was to give the impression that what the reader is seeing is always up-to-date.

That’s just it, without a date, you don’t know. And I don’t think the default would be to assume it is, especially on a site “Serving you freshly baked content since 1998!”

Ok - I will add the dates back :grinning:

The forum thread associated with each article contains a the time of publish, so it will just be some copy/paste work.

But 2 years of copy paste work? … :grimacing:

It will be a gradual process :turtle:

I first need to figure out the best way to present the date information as well. I added the category link to where the dates used to be, so I don’t know if adding more to that line would look better or not.

They’re constant @kirupa! You’ve written so much stuff!

Sigh. I’ll see if there is something I can do here. Yes, I am surprised at how much I wrote about Silverlight and WPF back then. Feels like a lifetime ago haha.