Preload conditional with source included

I am having some difficulty with my preloader. I am using code from a tutorial, but it is hacked up in order to get my own load bar working.
As you can see, I had to play with the numbers to get it to work, and I really don’t understand why; I only know I had to do it.
Currently, you can see that when the progress bar is complete it goes right to the movie, even if the intro text was not completed.
All I want is for it to have some kind of if(blah and blah){}; that will allow me to fully watch the intro text, even if the progress bar is fully loaded.
There are a few things to note before proceding:

  1. The progress bar does not fully go to 100% (from original tutorial)
  2. For some reason he removes and then adds the eventlistener back to back…works without removing and adding, but for some reason it is in there.
  3. I have the variable for the imported movie set to testsite.swf, so you will need to make one yourself. movie size is 900 x 600
  4. I have removed my graphics so that they will not be floating the web. Instead, I left two white hint markers to show my boundaries.
  5. I have created another even listener that is envoked by the other listener so that it goes to frame 3. The tutorial I followed left it playing and it uses resources.

So even if this is done, and the intro text plays while the progress bar is completed, the transition to the site will be hard. I think it would be nicer to have a smooth fade to the site, OR already have faded the progress bar out so that it is not sitting there on a static number. Then I would only have to worry about fading out the intro text and bringing the movie into view.
I know I am asking alot, but perhaps even with a little revealed, my options will be opened to complete the rest.
Thank you all for your help.