Preload on Level 1

Hi, i have a problem involving Pre-loading on level1. I am making a music player, however to get them working seamlessly I had to make a new movie and use loadMovie to insert them properly. The code looks like this:

on (press) {
 loadMovie("", _root.musicMC);//Loads the file from swf_proxy.php** to the MC called musicMC on the root timeline
    _root.musicActive =true

**This is just something I googled so it doesn’t cache the child swf while i’m testing.
The movies are mostly just dots at the moment however I am trying to make them so they display the info on-demand, to keep the size down, but I want it to preload. The current system just displays a static message saying loading. I have cheated somewhat and used the NewGrounds PreLoader which is all in an MC with this code:

PercentLoaded = _root.getBytesLoaded()/_root.getBytesTotal()*100;
if (PercentLoaded != 100) {
    bar._xscale = PercentLoaded;
} else {

However this does not xscale the bar. My problem is what do i need to change for this to work, cos it is very ugly atm.

Thanx for your help,