Preload swf´s in a movieClip?


i need help on something i think most of you would know already…

Im making a videojukebox and i have a empty movieClip that im gonna load (about 10) swf´s in, but i want to have a preloader before the swf´s starts.
how do i sort it out?? im clueless…

please reply if you can help me. =)


in a frame AFTER the loadMovie command, set the target movie clip’s _alpha to 0 (zero) and tell it to gotoAndStop frame 1 (one).
then have a preloader display the status of the clip that is loading. when it reaches 100% set the target clip’s _alpha to 100 and tell it to play.

you can usehe preloader on te site tutorials or a lad lefta cool preloader on this forum and it goes like this

if (!zInit) {
createEmptyMovieClip(“mcBorders”, 2);
createEmptyMovieClip(“mcProgress”, 1);
mcBorders.lineStyle(2, 0x0000ff, 100);
mcBorders.moveTo(25, 180);
mcBorders.lineTo(25, 220);
mcBorders.moveTo(525, 180);
mcBorders.lineTo(525, 220);
mcBorders.zInit = true;
_root.nPercentLoaded = (_root.getBytesLoaded()/_root.getBytesTotal())100;
_root.nXround = (Math.ceil(nPercentLoaded/20))20;
mcProgress.moveTo(25, 190);
5)+25, 190);
5)+25, 210);
mcProgress.lineTo(25, 210);
if (_root.nPercentLoaded<100) {
} else {

It Is set up as the normal size of the stage ad i dunno how to change it


p.s its got a cool loading bar