Can someone tell me how to make a preloader that is a movie clip so i dont have To take up a bunch of frames.
Or just a scene jump. Somthing that takes up little space for a signature.

if its just a sig then you shouldn’t need a preloader.

Trust me. It will help for the 56kers


This code should help, attach it to a movieclip.
if(loaded > 0 && loaded == _root._totalframes)
gotoAndPlay(send to your main site or part of your movie)
else (loaded < 0 && loaded < _root._totalframes)
gotoAndPlay(the first frame of your movie or loading scene)
this should help!!! Post again if you need to!


The point though… if you have something in a sig, at least on this board, is that it must be below 35 k or something like that. If you’re planning on making a sig that requires a preloader, then it’s too big… at least for this board. :slight_smile:

Um. dont jump to conclusions.

I’m not, just warning you in case you have not read the rules here… other than this place, I could care less what you do to 56k users. Sorry, really, I was just in a mood yesterday.

To answer your question, which sort of was above, but not really,

This example has a few extra features which you can use or take out, like the percentage conversion.

create a new movie clip

frame one
//here we are getting the total bytes and the number of
//bytes that have been loaded so far, of the movie, and
//dividing it by 1000 in order to come up with killobytes.
//we set two variables to be equal to these two statements
//like so
//remaining K is just the first variable, minus the second.
//percentage of K loaded is just the second variable divided
//by the first, and then mutliplied by 100.
//here is our break out… if the amount of K loaded is greater
//than the total K of the movie, AND (that’s what && means…
//both conditions have to be true) the total K is NOT equal to
//0, then goto the third frame.

frame two


So, place this on your main timeline, and in the same frame, (different layer is fine) place a
stop(); action.

oh yeah… I forgot to include this link…ID=9.topic

this is where I discuss my preloader in depth, and give you some FLA downloads to use. I hope they’re helpful.

Sorry for being such a ***** above… you’re right I was assuming stuff that wasn’t evident. :slight_smile:

Thanks man. Dont worry about before. no hard feelins. :slight_smile:
its just good to have a preloader. Even for a big movie. and for some reason its hard to find a good tutorial.
I new with the scripting.