Preloader Affects LoadMovie?

I have been having some issues with the creation of my site. I want it to include external elements and the loadMovie tutorial found on this site work great. I also have created some preloaders that work well independantly, but when used at the beginning of each external movie, a single click makes nothing load at all. A click again will load the content, without any loader, which suggest to me that something about the preloader interacting with the movie that contains it. I’ve stumped all my friends and just wanted to see if anyone here had any advice.

You can see how it works at

You’ll see all kinds of crazy crap happening as I’ve used several different preloaders on the different content movies. I’ll post the .fla’s if anyone wants a crack at it.

I know that this type of issue with loadMovie commands shows up all the time on these forums and I really appreciate you patience.