my flash movie is designed so that everything sits within 1 MC which i called “CompleteMC”…

BUT even within this MovieClip… everything else is placed inside other Movie clips and they all sit with a maximum of 2 or 3 frames ?..

this “completeMC” sits on frame 2 of the main time line (this was done so that i can quite easily drag this “completeMC” into another movie should i need to )

seen the kirupa tutorial on the “preloader”
ifFramesLoaded (“label”) {
gotoAndPlay (“label”)

nice, BUT 3 things

  1. the label sits within the CompleteMC and, that only has 2 frames

  2. HOW do i direct the code to check a “frame label” 3 MC’s down inside each other ?

  3. lastly, the total swf file = 468 KB (is this large ? it has a lot of screen dumps - its a tour of a site) AND would you suggest i preload half of it, that way people can start looking around while the rest loads?

any help, as soon as is possible would be greatly appreciated…



  1. Is that a question ?
  2. Find the right path… _root.my_movie1.my_movie2.gotoAndPlay(“label”) ;
  3. It’s a bit large, but I wouldn’t advise you to do what you want to do, for the simple reason that nobody does that…

pom 0]


cheers for the reply…( i sat and thought a little more about the problem) it just didn’t strike me that the ifFramesLoaded function could sit at the end of a path (whoops…)

I’ll take your advice and place the “finalFrame” label on the last frame of a second movie…it should have drilled down enough to have loaded the majority…

bytesLoaded and bytesTotal works better.

I really should write an extension for that tutorial… :slight_smile:

Ups, you should actually just make it into a tutorial that Kirupa can post, and take out that Framesloaded tutorial, cuz its crap. :slight_smile:

Yeah… not sure why they would choose to document framesLoaded, but not document bytesLoaded… it’s a mystery to me.

I’m working on it now.