Preloader not working

i put a file up at
can someone please check it out and tell me what’s wrong. I think all the script and frames is right…so I have no clue as to what’s going on. The file is 3 megs…so it’s not for 56kers.

I can’t say as I saw any problems with it.

Chances are that you are just viewing it off of your computer, if so, it loads to fast for you to see it.

Press CTRL+Enter twice (once to preview your movie, twice to preview in show streaming mode) so that it will act as though a slow modem were view it.

I did that and I got the “Please Wait… Site Initializing…” text.

Oh wait, I think I see what you mean now. You are also trying to do a load bar and percentage thing am I right?

If so… try this tutorial…

Or for load progress without a load bar check this one…

no…i don’t think you get it…check out the movie…in the preloader scene there are 2 frames…1 with the site initializing text, another with the preloader. The file just plain skips the preloader and goes to the 1st frame of the mainsite scene. However I already fixed it(ty for helping) by some weird way…i’ll put the file up on the site really soon…link: