Preloader project

I wanna do a kinda quirky preloader that drops a ball along a track to show the loading progress. i did a half-a$%ed mockup to get the jist… but i want to know if i can make each ball drop at a certain point in the loading. ie. 25%, 50%, 75%. any clues to get me started?
here’s the mockup…

well i’m not sure if it will work but i would try doing the following:
before each time a ball enters put a stop action except the first one…
and i’m not sure where to put the following code:

lbytes = this.getBytesLoad();
tbytes = this.getBytesTotal();
gPercent = Math.round(lbytes/tbytes)*100;
if(gPercent == 25){
if(gPercent == 50){
and so on....

i hope i helped…
by the way u have a bug on ur site…
if u press the scroller and read a bit and then go to the menus then the description that sould be over the menu is suddenly in right side of the screen…

yeah i noticed that… i think it gets caught up inthe external swf files.

ty for the help

btw, anyone know if i can add physics to it so i don’t have to animate it, and it flows naturally with actionscript? that would be great.