Preloader starts at ~70%

when i simulate the download progress of my animation through macromedia flash… nothing appears on the screen until suddenly the preloader apperas and the percentage is already 70… what could be the problem ?

i tried the same preloader code on an easier animation that had only two layers and it worked just fine… preloader start to load at 0%…

my current animation that i’m trying to get to work has 30 layers… and the first frames are all empty, except the preloader ones, but for some reason flash “loads” something at the beginning… and does’nt show the preloader until some time has passed !

Post your preload AS.

under the publish settings i changed the load order to “Top down” but nothing changed… and under linkage propertis i have no ticks on any of the four checkboxes.

are you using any embedded fonts, components, attachSound, or attachMovie, in your movie?

only one component… a combox… and i already unchecked the export to first frame thingy on that one… no attachSounds, no attachMovies… and what are embedded fonts… i guess not

hmm…there shouldn’t be that much kb loading on the 1st frame if you only have one component. Post your code as Kenny suggested.

did u try:
file>publish setting>action script version>settings>export frames for classes = 2

the code works just fine, because when i tried the same preloader on an easier(less layers) animation… it worked fine. I did what [U]ipaqflash[/U] suggested, and i think it worked, even though the preloader jumpes the first 70% very quickly and then slows down…

what does this actually do “export frames for classes = 2” ??

I read that eventhough you uncheck “export on first frame” in the library that it will still load the component/classes before anything else. you can specify any frame:export frames for classes = 22 if you wanted. Just make sure nothing in your movie calls on any class/component before the specified frame is reached. You now have more control staggering your loads (e.g. load all graphical elements first)Hope this helps.

thanx a lot… you’ve been most helpful