Preloader using screens in Mx 2004?

Hi all,

I have a file that is constructed using screens (first time…maybe I should go back to scenes, but that’s another post). Anyway, I would like to have a preloader, as it is a large file.

To make this work, I’ve tried creating another project with the intent of using the Progressbar and Loader components to load the file made using screens. I have set the Contentpath in the Loader component to point to the large file that I originally mentioned.

The ProgressBar component looks at the Loader component for information, and it all seems fairly logical.

The problem is that the progressbar does not show the progress of the movie being opened. It just sits at zero percent, until the movie finally opens.

Any ideas? Here’s the link to the file, in case you want to see what I mean.

Thanks very much!