Preloader with no standard font


I have seen a lot of websites with preloaders made with fonts that are not standard, or with pixel fonts,

how can i do that??


Something called embedded fonts.

really, i didn’t get that page.

please help, i need to make a preloader that uses a pixel font

Embedded and device fonts

For playback of Flash movies, there are two options for dealing with fonts. Font outlines can be embedded in the published SWF, or you can choose to let the Flash Player use fonts installed on the playback system. These latter types of fonts are called “device fonts”.

The main benefit to embedding font outlines is that text fields will always display in the chosen font, regardless of whether that font is installed on the playback system.

serzly, dont bother with pixel fonts and use the normal ones you have installed on your comp. just a preloader and it disappears after refreshng the page a couple of times. :slight_smile: