I have a question about a tutorial I found on this site.

Is that not supposed to make the bar slide to fill up the area? I thought when I was making the bar that I was making for some purpose, but when I try it out, the bar is stationary. If that’s the case, WHY DID I MAKE THE BAR??

Yes, the bar is supposed to slide, if that’s your question :slight_smile:

Oh, it is? Then why doesn’t mine slide? I did everything exactly like it said. And when I read the action script I don’t see anything that might make it move. Am I missing something?

Actually, I was wrong, it doesn’t slide, it stretches:

this.loadBar._width = getPercent*100;

pom :slight_smile:

lol :sigh: mine doesnt

someone please tell me why mine isnt working :slight_smile:

Did you upload the file or are you just testing it on your computer?

its on the internet

There’s no reasonwhy it shouldn’t work. You must have made a mistake. Can you attach your fla?

Found it! I forgot about the instance name. Thanks :slight_smile: