You said you wanted it to play a specified sequece of frames, that is what I told you how to do. There is probably a simpler AS way, I am just not up to working that out right now.

You can find preloader tutorials everywhere. There are like 2 or 3 on and if you run a search at in the tutorials section you can find plenty of different methods.

ok, sorry for the disturbance :-\

No disturbance at all. Just letting you know how you can find some preloader tutorials that use different methods. Sorry if I sound frustrated…because I am…but not over this or anything flash/computer related.

ah, okie, thanks a bundle… again…

[size=1]it seems to me that he got the answer he wanted and
then didn’t like it. haha

happens to me all the time too…keep working, and it’ll work out
for you.