can someone tell me why my flash freezes at the preloader for some people and works completley for other people? (its usually the 56k’ers that it doesnt work for…) and they’re not too big…around 140kb

please check out the PHOTOS and PORTFOLIO sections of my site at:

whats going on here?

thanks in advance

please tell me if it loads or not for you guys

anyone? can anyone at least tell me if it works for you?

did not see any loader at all… but then again I have a fat connection:P

however, I did see an awful lot of blank space above the Flash, even with 1024x768… :slight_smile: that makes the site show up 1/2 way down the page, and with a large scroll bar…


its the PHOTOS and PORTFOLIO sections of the website that are flash (that i have problems with)…click them…they are pop ups…can you please tell me if those work for you…if not do you know why?

my apologies, I should have read your post better… :frowning:

I have visited the portfolio and photo section, the loaders seem to work just fine… =)

Did you mean to have the page load so far down on the page? I’m not saying it is wrong (not my place), just curious.


so the loaders, AMD the flash (portfolio/photos) worked fine? …do you have broadband…i dont know why but it seems to freeze at the preloader mostly for 56k’ers…

and yea… i intended for the site to scroll that much…i like having lots of “space” :slight_smile: