Preloading content of Window UI component

Hi all,

Im having trouble in preloading the content of each of my window component.

I have three different window UI component, and each of these have its corresponding movie clip which were use with a linkage for exporting this in ActionScript (for the purpose of dynamically loading).

Here’s what I have done:

Window UI components

movie clip which has linkage property

On my main timeline, I have different layers for the different window UI component (in frame one) since at frame one the three window UI component is visible, I put on the three contentPath for each of the window UI component. By the way I use the property window do to this and not encoding this in the frame itself.

So my question now is where should I put my preloader? Can I put a preloader on each of the three linkage movie clips? Or should I put the preloader on my main timeline? Do it matter to preload early since I use the contentPath property and not hard coding it inside the frame?

What would be the recommendation solution for this?

Thanks for your help.