Preloading large movies

OK i am a super noob to flash but i have finally created a movie and still do not understand action scripts. I want to load the entire movie before it starts to play, it seems to lag halfway threw the first time you watch it. If anyone can help me with this i would appreciate it. i listed the url to my movie below, it is an intro to a counter-strike clan page MoBs.

Kirupa has a tutorial on making preloaders here…

Hope it helps!

hmmm either im doing somthing wrong or it is not doing what i want, it does use the loading screen however it is not loading the entire movie before it starts, does it matter what layer i put that in? I have like 7 layers.

u make a new layer for it and name it preloader drag all your movie across 2 and put the code in te fist frame of the new layer with the text box in it if ur doin kirupas tutorial then add a blank keyframe in the second frame


sorry wrong tutorial try using the tutorial in flash mx for preloaders its either in advanced or special effects thats wht i ue on my website and i have a massive movie at the top

my site

check i out if ur on modem it takes a while


ok , again you will have to excuse me for being so new to this, but when you say massive how big do you mean? Mine is 29 MB and its only about 2 minutes long(when its not lagging):-\

You should try shortening your movie or take out some of the things that are bandwidth heavy, because 29mb is enourmously huge, I don’t think anyone whether broadband and especially 56k would want to wait for 29mb to load. That is extremely, extremely large. Normally a large file would be around 2-3mb and even thats pushing it. Post your .fla and maybe everyone can help lower your movie size.

Hope this helps



yeah I had a look, I 56k user will be waiting approximately 3hrs to watch the entire thing. Use 16bit sound, in the music, take out some on the video sequences. imported pictures and sound take up all the space in Flash

thanks guys for all the help, i was able to turn down the quality of the videos and that cut the size down to about 5 MB which is quite a bit better, lost allot of the effects and quality but i guess there has to be a tradeoff there. I haven’t uploaded it yet but should be there within 24 hours if you want to check out the results of your advise

thanks again