Preloading multiple swf AND jpeg's

Ok, here we go. I noticed a lot of people having similar problems as me
but not the exact same…

Here’s what i got:

  • A main.swf with empty MovieClipHolders which load Multiple SWF files.
    The Main and the Multiple SWF files all load external jpeg’s and read from PHP.

Here’s what i don’t get to work:

  • A preloader in the Main which checks and gives a percentage of all the stuff to
    be loaded (jpeg’s AND swf AND database (php) content). This preloader should
    preload the Main.swf and start to play this. In the background it should continue
    loading the other swf’s and jpeg’s.
  • BUT when clicking a button which targets the other SWF, the (same) preloader
    should do his work.

I hope you get it and somebody can help me out… i really thougt this was an
easy one…

Thank you