Preloading swf's and jpg's

Hi all,

I am attempting to get all the content (examples of our work, swf’s and jpgs) to preload so as to prevent loading problems on certain operating systems and in general to improve the website.

Viewing the site itself anyone can get an idea of what I am attempting to achieve and perhaps know what would help.


There is a fair amount of content on the site about 50 jpg’s and 60 swf’s.

The mask that crosses the jpg loads the next image on the 15th frame into the variable (when the current image is completely masked) The mask then retracts and on the 30th frame loads the swf at the base of the image into another variable.

At the moment there is a preloader on the site but if anything it seems to hinder the sites speed, I think this is something to do with it being on one frame and that being the first frame.

Anyway to whomever reads this any basic help/code from the ground up related to preloading content would be very much appreciated. Especially something that might be best applied to this particular site.

Any comments on the site itself would also be appreciated.

All the best