Premade objects?

Are there any premade 3d objects like cars, helicopters and stuff somewhere on net for Swift or 3dStudio Max?

There are plenty… but they cost money… and usually quite a bit. 3D designers think that they have some specialy skills or something. I’ve not yet found any free ones… the one’s I have seen run upwards of a couple thousand dollars.

I just found over million free models in 3DS format!\r\ (goto free stuff, models)\r\rHey, and if anyone has a whole equiped house with chairs and stuff please send me on this address:\r\r[email protected]

upuaut8,\r\r I am not sure what you mean by 3D designers think they have specialty skills?!\r First off you don’t have to be a designer to model objects that already exist in real life. You just need to know how to use a 3D Modelling program.\r And second - yes - it is a skill to be able to use those programs and even more so if you are actually creating an original design.\r And dont go to the “viewpoint” D’espano" or other sites for models they are extremely expensive as you say.\r As a side note - depending on a model needed by someone you can ask what you need and alot of times people will create it for you for nothing :wink: or have it in stock!