Printing - They said it was easy!

Hi there…

Yeah as my title said - printing!!!
Im new to flash mx but ive been playing with flash 4/5 for a while now…
My problem is that im trying to create a print feature for my website im creating so basically i can load a specific movie then select an image (that will be assigned as a button) and print that image out… hope that makes sence…

Ive tried the tutorials on printing (adding the #p in the labels box etc) and in the program mode the desired effect is acheived I get the print im after… However when I test my new print button out in explorer mode (outside of the program) I get a large printout of a block of red (which I think is basically the originally movie to which the rest of the website is loaded above ie the level o movie)

Ive tried the print function on target and level options but neither seen to work ( when using the target mode do I add the movie name like “moviename.swf” or just moviename.swf)

Hope someone out there has a clue what Im whittering on about as Im getting rather confussed myself