Probably Not As Cool As I Think it is but hey?

Hello all,

I’m basically just fishing for compliments because I really like this snappy little thing I did for some friends. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though what do you all think. Nit pick. :wink

How’s loading time?

Thanks Voets for the awesome mp3 player!

check it out www electra shine[dot] com

Not bad.
How do you work the player?

What? Are you on dial up? It’s not a streaming mp3 player so it can take a while.

If you can’t work it then start pming voets like a madman spammer.

O crap! Back to the drawing board i guess. 26 views and one reply. lol

Okay so it’s not as cool as I think it is.

What don’t you like about it?

hooray fot he manman spammer in us all.

…and then it breaks on my computer… i see no site :’(

What? Are you serious?

My guess is you’re running 28k on a Pen. II lol.

Okay here’s the running list of things people don’t like about this simple site/page:

  1. Bodyvisual - crashed his computer
  2. Edmund- couldn’t work the mp3 player
  3. Bodyviusal - has “a problem with how suddenly the bottom ends… it’s like white|black… and it should be white | black”
  4. Voets - doesn’t like the way I’ve faded the site into the background
  5. Flash Gordon - doesn’t like the deep emboss on the title
  6. vacancy
  7. vacancy
  8. vacancy
  9. vacancy
  10. vacancy
  11. vacancy
    12, vacancy
  12. vacancy
  13. vacancy
  14. vacancy

etc…keepin’ comin’!

Let’s fill this list! :azn:

ah… firefox is an amazing device :slight_smile:

i have a problem with how suddenly the bottom ends… it’s like white|black… and it should be white | black

other than that, it’s a solid site :slight_smile: the grunge/brushes are very cool

gj m8

Hmmm…I don’t understand what you’re say but I’ll at it to the list. lol

I was like, argh, my player is crap when I saw the player didn’t stream and I couldn’t press play, but it was the nonstreaming version :smiley:
Nice mod by the way ! :thumb:

Thanks voets. Where is the streaming version of the player? Is there one for regular MX?

Also, what about the rest of the site? :rabbit:

< jabbering > I wonder what I’ll think of that design a month from now? < jabbering >

I wanted to make one for MX, but MX 2004 screws up in converting, and after a long time of working on the player I was too lazy to recreate it in MX.

I like the fading of the images. I have a feeling that it would look nice to have the site fade to the black background instead of a straight corner. The grunge is cool too, but I didn’t find any other sections ?

I see. I guess I neee to update my software.

Yea no other sections. They have nothing to say I guess. lol

I faded the sides Voets. I think it does look a little better.

Yep, but try fading it over more space. You know, not say 40px in width but 140px in width.

I like it alot CG. THeir music is great too. Die For You kicks ***! I like the mod of Voets mp3 player but it doesn’t really suit the style of the site imo. Try grungin’ it up a little. Other than that the only other thing I’m not keen on is the massive inset emboss on the title. Other than that it’s great. Nice one.

lol. Yea that’s exactly what I wanted to do that but I cropped the **** thing when I sliced it and I forgot to save a the bigger version. I’ll fix it some day.

Flash thanks bud. Yea I know the player doesn’t fit the style I’m just being lazy. As for the emboss, I’m surprised to hear you don’t like it. I’ll muck around with that cough someday cough lol

It’s pretty nice, but there’s one huge issue with it. On all your images, the backgrounds that are black aren’t actually black, they’re dark gray. So you can see all the boxes and everything on it. I don’t know if it’s just my monitor, but it really shouldn’t be because I just bought this computer 2 weeks ago, so everything is up to date here. Might want to check that out. :slight_smile:

whoops! yea you’re right. I made some changes and forgot about that. Thanks 28

well, I kind of spread out the sides a little more and made some changes. Does anyone have an MX streaming mp3 player I could use?

www electr ashine [dot] com

If I have some time this evening I’ll get off my lazy [censored] and convert it for you. I think with the 7.2 update I can copy from MX 2004 to MX (it was reported that it crashed before 7.2 when copying from MX 2004 to MX), if so it should be done pretty fast.

Hey voets. That’d be great but don’t go messing around with it too much. It’s great as is and I only asked in hopes that another kirupian had already converted it.

Regardless, if you ever need a design favour and you think I might be able to help then don’t hesitate to ask.