Problem Accessing Children/Sprites

I’ve recently switched to AS3 from AS2 and I’ve been developing a game with different classes.
Note: I’m using FlashDevelop and the Flex 2 sdk

In my Main class (which extends as a sprite) I have a enterFrame event and code that creates a new Shot() from It adds the shot and adds the name to a array.

Then in, each rock checks for collisions with:

for(var i=0; i<Main.shotsA.length; i++){
                var shotN = getChildByName([Main.shotsA*].toString());
                if(this.hitTestPoint(shotN.x, shotN.y, true)){

The rock class accesses the array in the Main class by importing it. And then getting the children by their name. I’ve tried this in the Main class itself and it works but when I try it in the rock class it doesn’t… Any ideas how I could access the children/sprites?