Problem loading swfs

ok guys im still doing this blasted projector which has 6 swfs which i load into the projector.

The problem is i have tried using attachMovie command it works but i cannot publish the projector file because flash crashes giving me a memory error. SO i tried loading the swfs into a target movieclip it works but the projector blinks right before it loads the swf into the target movieclip. The only thing that seems to work is loading into levels but i have a swf which loads into the projector which is my sound loops and when i load the swf into the projector it kills my sound since im loading into levels and not a target clip.

So my question is, is there a way to keep my loaded sound swf playing while i load the new swf content on level0.

I have also tried loadMovieNum but that doest work either im running out of options here and time i gotta ahve this done by the end of the month. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks a million.